New Paint Chip Decor

Hello hello!

As you may know, I recently moved back home to Edinburgh after a year of being abroad; as you may not know, I’m moving back into the old room I occupied here last year! This gave me the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of my space, what problems I came up against last year and how I might choose to fix them.

As I left it over a year ago…

Well, problem number one is that my room is all white. The walls, the door, the ceiling, the curtains, even the furniture is very pale wood that makes the whole place look washed out. But since it’s a rented flat, I can’t go around painting it bright cyan, so I’ve been looking for fun, bright, colourful and temporary ideas for sprucing this place up a little.

Well guess what? Liz Apple had just the perfect solution. I’m almost reluctant to link you to her original version because it packs a lot more punch than my own; unfortunately there just aren’t as many different varieties of paint (or, consequently, paint chips) here as there are in America, so I was somewhat limited in my own palette. Not to worry, though – I’m choosing to appreciate the shape of my own setup, and the way it looks kind of like a sun and a rainbow, whilst the shape of the chips make me think of rain… It certainly describes a typical Scottish summer day! It’s not at all uncommon here to see all of these conditions within the space of an hour – you never know what’s coming next!

I put together the little stop-motion video above with a programme called Smoovie, which allows Mac users to use the built-in webcam to create stop-motion videos easily and simply. It was a little difficult to set it all up so I could actually be in the video, but I found the whole thing quite fun to make in the end 🙂

Anyway, for now I’m going to sit back, relax and bask in the sunshine/rain/rainbow in the corner for a few more minutes, before I have to venture out to work in the real-life Scottish weather! Wish me luck 😛

All the best,