The Edinburgh Farmers’ Market

Today is my day off!!! Recently I’ve been working every day except Saturdays, and I’ll continue to do so for the next few weeks. Happily, though, Saturday is the day of the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, and I paid my first ever (!) visit there today.


First of all, let’s just be clear about one thing: this is not typical Edinburgh weather. I’m still aghast at the fact that my day off was not only Farmers’ Market day but ALSO the one day this year that’s been sunny from morning until… yeah, I’m going to be optimistic and say morning until evening 😛

My vegetarian brother is staying with me this month, so I hit up all the organic veg stalls in search of the ingredients for this plant burger, most of which I successfully haggled for; I also picked up a little treat for myself (and by ‘little’ I mean it cost about half of what I spent today).

I bought a box of The Chocolate Tree‘s ‘Happy Hour’ chocolates, which are all based on cocktails, for £10. It’s an exercise in self-control, but I’m proud to announce that, four hours later, all twelve chocolates are still safe and sound.

Check back tomorrow and see if the same can be said then. Also check back and see how those plant burgers turned out, because boy, am I excited about those.

I have to say, shopping at the farmers’ market is just so much more enjoyable than doing the rounds at the supermarket! I stopped to chat with each of the vendors, I haggled gently where I thought I had a chance, and I took pride in the fact that low prices here mean the opposite of low prices in the supermarket. Here, I can get five onions for £1 because there’s no middle man to pay. In Tesco, I can get three onions for £1.20 – or I can get five for £0.90 because someone somewhere is being exploited.

Is there a local farmers’ market near you? Do you ever consider taking a weekly trip there instead of (or in addition to) your supermarket shop?

The woman who sold me the best blue cheese I’ve ever tasted, when I mentioned it was my first time there, said ‘This could be a new way of life for you then’.

And I most heartily agreed.

Peace, love and organic vegetables,