Beetroot Veggie Burgers

Here’s something you might not know about me: not only am I semi-ambidextrous, but I’m also semi-vegetarian. What does this mean? Well, it means that a) I’ve been a meat-eater for less than half of my life, and b) I made the same decision that many people make in later years – the decision to convert to vegetarianism – in reverse.

Cooking beetroot veggie burgers

Step One: Prepare beets. Step Two: Hide the evidence.

You see, my parents are both vegetarians, and consequently, so was I, up until the age of thirteen when I decided that I didn’t agree that it was wrong to eat animals. I’ve been omnivorous ever since, but in a very conscious and informed way, rather than by default. However, there is one scene in which I will always act the vegetarian, and that is in a fast food outlet. 

This is because when I was younger, any time we got treated to fast food it always had to be at Burger King, because it was the only place where you could rely on getting a decent veggie burger. And boy, were their Spicy Bean Burgers delicious! To this day I won’t eat anything else from a fast food place (Taco Bell being the only exception). To get to the point: I think this part of my upbringing is the deep-seated reason why I have amassed so many veggie burger recipes on my Recipes for Success pinboard.

The beets smell great fresh from the oven

You may remember I posted about these beetroot-based plant burgers from Eat Live Run. I made them about a week ago, because my brother (who is still a vegetarian, despite his strong dislike for anything green) was staying with me and I wanted to try and convince him that vegetables are cool. I ended up eating them for dinner about five days in a row, because a) my plan backfired and he didn’t touch the burgers, and b) they were pretty darn good.

The veggie burger patties come together

Yes, making these burgers will make you feel as though you’ve murdered someone. Yes, it is kind of cool.

The beetroot taste is actually quite modest – just part of a symphony of flavours including onions, mushrooms and thyme – but the burgers are beautifully balanced, and Jenna’s serving suggestion of lettuce, cheese and sweet chilli sauce could not be more spot-on. I will definitely be making these again, and you should too! (Except without the ‘again’ part, because it’s quite likely that you’ve never heard of a beet burger before).

Who knew cooking with beets would be so good?

Dear beets: I’m sorry I underestimated you. I hope we meet again soon.

So yeah, I was so impressed with these that I promptly pinned a ton more veggie burger recipes and plan to go to town on them just as soon as I get my apartment back.

Ciao for now!