How to Throw a Doctor Who Party

Ohhhhhhhhhh, boy. Was that ever good.

I’m writing today because Doctor Who is BACK, baby! And I just watched the first episode of the new series, Asylum of the Daleks, and loved it to bits. So much so that I find myself wishing I’d had the foresight and nerdiness to throw a Doctor Who party tonight instead of watching it on my own in my bed with a cup of Lemsip in my hands. So, in the absence of a TARDIS to take me back to a week ago and plan said party, here is a roundup of all the things I would have prepared.

The poster art for the newest episode of Doctor Who

Image courtesy of our BFF the BBC.

If I were to throw a Doctor Who party to celebrate the return of the show, I would:

Bake: this TARDIS cake – and maybe an army of these daleks. They look way too cute to be evil genii, don’t they?!

Serve: sonic screwdrivers! I found a recipe on the BBC website, but for some inexplicable reason it seems to be aimed at kids (?!) so I think I’d do mine differently. As we all know, a screwdriver is a simple combination of vodka and orange juice, but you may not know that in a sonic screwdriver, you sub out the OJ for Mountain Dew to get that greeny 11th-Doctor sonic glow.

Doctor Who themed cocktails named after the sonic screwdriver

So, if you click the image it’ll actually take you to soap, not booze. But this is how I imagine my sonic screwdrivers looking.

Decorate: with this perfectly incredible cross-stitch design. No words needed. Pure beauty.

Wear: these geektastic blue glittery flats. I love that they have ‘Bad Wolf’ written on them!

Play: this Doctor Who drinking game! I can just picture us* gathered around the tv, sonic screwdrivers raised to lips every time the real sonic screwdriver is whipped out in the show.

*And by ‘us’ I mean the only people I know who actually like Doctor Who, which to my knowledge is pretty much me, my brother and possibly one other friend.

Well, what do you think? Would you come to my Doctor Who party? No? Well fine, more TARDIS cake and sonic screwdriver for me. 🙂

Well, have a great weekend anyway, doing whatever it is that you like to do!

All the best!



P.S. I’m seriously making that Keep Calm and Don’t Blink thing. You’ll see.