Le Bonheur est dans la Stub

Hello and welcome back to an active blog! Boy, have I not missed being in a real university studying for an actual degree. Turns out, joint Honours is no joke… But I’m taking advantage of a small let-up in course load to bring you these pictures of a craft project I had going this past summer.

A traditional cross-stitch design from Alsace

I bought a book of cross-stitch patterns from a craft shop in Petite France, and the designs are so pretty and cozy and French that I just had to dive in with a project right away. This one was perfect for Grizzly Bear and his family, so I worked on it all summer as a gesture to say thank you for accommodating me for three weeks. I forgot to take pictures of it before I came home so Grizzly took some for me 🙂

The traditional kitchen of a home in Alsace

The red and white colour scheme is very typical of designs from the Alsace region of France – the coeur (heart) is a very common motif as well. Every time I think of Alsace I think of red and white checkered table cloths, Tudor-style architecture, and gingerbread.

Detail of the border of the embroidered design

The book is called L’Alsace en rouge et blanc, and you can order it here. It’s written in French but you can still follow the basic patterns if you don’t speak the language. Some of the finer directions and thread directions could probably be resolved using Google Translate, I imagine. Or of course, you can always drop me a line and I’ll set you straight! 😛

Detail of the cross stitches from the curtain section of the design

There’s just a very cozy feeling that comes along with the Alsatian way of life, and I think these designs embody that very well. It’s very similar to the warm feeling of home that I have in the Midwest, so it seemed fitting to leave behind a traditional design that made the same link between two of the homes I’ve had recently.

French cross-stitch embroidery craft

And as Grizzly has said, it’s especially fitting because, as well as Irish and Scottish ancestry, he also has a great-great-grandmother from Alsace, back when it was part of Germany. It’s a small world, isn’t it? 🙂

I’ll be back… sometime… with more creative things for you all.

All the best!