The Right Kind of Sweet

I used to kind of hate Valentine’s Day. You know, back when I was single and I resented having teddy bears and hearts rubbed in my face. Now that I’m not single… I just don’t really like it. I mean, I like the idea; I just don’t get why it’s such a big deal. Showing your affection for someone is a beautiful thing to do, but ostentatious gifts, grandiose gestures and superficial tokens can make us forget what love is really all about – trust, sacrifice, communication, patience, understanding.

I almost have little turquoise after-images floating around from all the bright pink and red projects on my RSS feeds, and it makes me wonder why a celebration of love has to be so public, so everywhere all the time. I like the idea of celebrating quietly with your loved one, in little secret ways. So here are three projects to make just for the one you love, or just for yourself.

3D love heart wall decoration for Valentine's Day

This paper heart wall from How About Orange can be a sweet Valentine’s treat for yourself or a loved one.

valentine's day manicure morse code love

A quiet little expression from The Beauty Department: ‘Love’ written in morse code in a manicure.

Valentine's Day chocolate heart wall decoration

The Sweetest Occasion shows you how to decorate your wall (or his!) with a league of little chocolate hearts.