Megan is:
a)      Left-handed

b)      Right-handed

c)       Ambidextrous

d)      All of the above

Megan loves:
a)      Crafts

b)      Blogs

c)       Cooking

d)      All of the above

Megan is:
a)      A student

b)      An employee

c)       A long-distance girlfriend

d)      All of the above

Megan does:
a)      Paper crafts

b)      Needle crafts

c)       Yarn crafts

d)      All of the above

Megan speaks:
a)      English

b)      French

c)      Spanish

d)      All of the above

Megan has lived:
a)      In Scotland

b)      In the USA

c)       In Costa Rica

d)      In France

So I think we’ve covered most of where this blog’s name comes from, and the other is quite simple: an awl is a tool used in bookbinding and paper crafts, which are my greatest crafting weaknesses. This blog arose from a feeling I’ve been having lately that I want to dedicate my life to pretty much everything: crafts, cooking, gardening, fitness, culture, film, travel, literature… I want to know everything about everything and blog about it all.

Obviously, I need to pick one or two things and stick with them. This is where Awl of the Above comes in: it is a blog about making things. That includes crafts and cooking, but more predominantly crafts. I’ve decided there’s nothing wrong with being a Jane-of-all-trades, and I’m going to use this outlet to share my dabbles in different offshoots of this insatiable desire of mine to create. It’ll be a beginner-friendly space where I pick the best projects, tried and tested by myself, for beginners to try before they buy into a particular field. If you’ve always wondered where to get started in a particular area of the crafting world, stick around and see what I have to offer, or suggest something for me to cover!

Read on, get involved, and most of all, create on!