The Library

Welcome to The Library, where I’ll be keeping you updated with all the reading material you could ever ask for! Please bear with me while I try to get this new venture of mine all organised and cross-referenced and all that sort of stuff, but for now here are some links to places within this blog, to other blogs I am or have been involved in, and to the blogs that provide me with the daily inspiration I need to keep posting here 🙂

On Awl of the Above:


Posts about crafts

Posts about cooking

More from Megan:

A Trail of Breadcrumbs, where I write about life, love and travel

The Raxa Collective, where I’m one of the less active of many fascinating folk

Artesanas REMOC, the blog I created as part of my volunteering job in Costa Rica

Other Crafty Places:

Pearlswirl Journals, where my friend and craft guru Jenny writes about her deliciously homemade things

How About Orange, where a girl I don’t know, but wish I did, writes about crafts and style

Mini-Eco, where everything is so colourful you feel like nothing should ever be white again

One Sheepish Girl, where Meredith slowly and sheepishly reveals her projects and her quirks

Other Foodie Places:

Eat Live Run, the only food blog I’ve ever really needed.

S’Tasty, which I only just discovered and will surely come to need it too.

Other Girly Places:

The Beauty Department, choc-full of hair, nails and make-up tips and tricks

Wendy’s Lookbook, where I mostly just goggle at her gorgeous face and lust after clothes I’ll never afford

Elephantine, where Rachel posts the most calming and beautiful pictures and sells drool-worthy stuff for your kitchen and your vanity table.

Phew! Think that’ll keep you going for now? 😉